A comprehensive package to get you off the ground & flying high  The comprehensive BizSmart franchise package includes everything you need to build a successful, sustainable, and highly profitable business.  



Exclusive Franchise Territory & selective in choosing our franchise partners 
5-year Franchise Term 
Rights to Use BIzSmart® brands & trademarks 
BizSmart®; Flight Academy®; Smart90®; Boost Camps® 
BizSmart’s know-how, operating systems & processes 

Launch Training & Support  

Rocket Launch’ to rapidly build a profitable business 
BizSmart® Launch Marketing & PR 
Comprehensive, professional initial training 

BizSmart® Tools  

BizSmart® IT Package CRM; Accounting Software & much more 
BizSmart® Software 
BizSmart®; Smart90®; Flight Academy® 
Website Listing 
Listing on BizSmart.co.uk 
Business Manuals 
Marketing Materials Case Studies; 
Flight Academy® Manual online video tutorials resources 

Ongoing support  

Ongoing training & support 
Monthly franchisee virtual meetings information and training session to introduce the BizSmart® monthly business theme 
Support & Advice from our experienced team 

Want further information on how to become a BizSmart Franchisee? 

BizSmart was shortlisted for the New Franchisor of the Year Award at the Virtual Franchising Awards 2023. 


Your first three years are mapped in extreme detail as part of the setup process – even blocks of time for holidays are included. We are not aware of any other franchise that provides this depth of guidance, balance, 
and clarity of the journey ahead. 


BizSmart’s ScaleUp software has been developed from the ground up and provides unrivalled benefits to your clients’ businesses. You will feel empowered by this 
proven fintech masterpiece and leverage AI alongside it to learn every day and stay current in our fast-moving world. 


After initial training, you can expect ongoing support every week to start with. A monthly franchise support network will also introduce different topics of knowledge to help you grow and get ahead of the game to deliver 
even greater results for your clients. 


With proven potential to achieve a turnover of approximately £500,000 in five years, you will also be building an extremely valuable asset you can sell in the future. 

Want further information on how to become a BizSmart Franchisee? 

Your Ultimate Companion as you Navigate Your ScaleUp Journey 

Kevin's New Book Is Now Available! 
Drawing on BizSmart’s own research and experiences of working with hundreds of owner-managers, Kevin Brent explores the key reasons why most organisations do not scale and how the challenges change as they reach different milestones on the ScaleUp Journey. He then details a practical step by step guide to successfully navigate between the milestones in the form of ESUS - a proven system for entrepreneurs to scale up. 

 Launch Support From BizSmart 

Embarking on the journey of launching your own business is both thrilling and challenging. At BizSmart, we understand the significance of a solid foundation, and that's why we offer comprehensive launch support tailored to set you on the path to success. 
Granger's Journey: 
Get inspired by Granger, a dedicated BizSmart franchisee, as he shares insights into his early days and the transformative assistance he received from the BizSmart team. Granger's journey is a testament to the effectiveness of our launch support process, demonstrating how strategic guidance and a structured approach can make a substantial difference in the initial stages of a business. 
"At the outset of my entrepreneurial journey, BizSmart was not just a franchise; it was a strategic partner. The launch support I received was instrumental in shaping my early days, providing a roadmap for success. With BizSmart, you're not just starting a business; you're laying the groundwork for a thriving venture." - Granger, BizSmart Franchisee 


You will be the face of your BizSmart franchise. Therefore you must be a true people-person, who puts absolutehonesty and integrity at the forefront of everything you do.You must genuinely care, have instinctive commercial acumen, and be confident to adapt your pace and pitch 
to relate to a range of switched-on business people. 
You will need to be able to be credible to business owners as a leader in your own right. As such, BizSmart franchisees are predominantly high-level professionals: directors/executives; senior managers; business consultants; and former SME owners who have built up 
and exited their own business successfully. 
But ultimately it comes down to possessing the requisite skill set. You must have a passion for “the business of business”, helping owners carve out a more prosperousfuture for their business, and boast immense leadership skills. 
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