The UK’s most innovative B2B franchise opportunity. 

The UK’s most innovative B2B franchise opportunity. 

The award-winning choice for those wanting to build a highly valuable asset by helping SMEs grow. 
Empowering franchisees to become Inspirational Entrepreneurs - Scaling Up Businesses with Impact. 
Thank you for your interest in the BizSmart® franchise opportunity. 
In the UK, many small business owners struggle to grow due to time constraints or reluctance to invest in expensive consultants. 
Established in 2012, BizSmart® aims to bring real change by providing practical solutions through our innovative ScaleUp software and a network of experienced consultants. Our franchise model allows you to leverage your experience to create a profitable business with a consistent six-figure income. 
By offering a fresh approach to growth guidance, we foster long-lasting relationships with small business owners. This website provides details on our approach and how you can thrive as a BizSmart® business owner. 
We hope you find it useful, but if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 
Kevin Brent 
Founder & Managing Director 


We have been disrupting the fragmented business coaching and consultancy market since 2012. In that time BizSmart® has become a trusted name in business transformation and scaling, courtesy of our strong track record of success with SMEs. 

PROVEN SYSTEMS  BizSmart® franchisees help business owners gracefully spread their wings and soar through our proven Flight Academy programmes for ScalingUp.  

HIGH REVENUE POTENTIAL  With a focus on efficient client management, our business model is designed to achieve high recurring revenue generation quickly, with very strong profit margins.  

LARGE TARGET MARKET  Approximately 10,000 target business owner managers within each franchise area.  

LONG-TERM CLIENT RELATIONSHIPS  Our unique approach enhances client trust and satisfaction – so it’s little surprise our average client life cycle is over eight years.  

UNIQUE PEER-TO-PEER SUPPORT  We’ve built a franchise network that fosters accountability and knowledge sharing. This will help you scale your own business alongside your clients’.  

6-FIGURE INCOME POTENTIAL  Demonstrable opportunity to build a strong 6-figure income based on recurring revenue.  


 “It’s a bit like being a non-executive director for multiple small businesses – but far, far more rewarding!” 

BizSmart® franchisee Granger Forson on joining the BizSmart® team.  
Hear from BizSmart®'s first franchisee about his journey to becoming a BizSmart® Business Coach and his outlook for the future. 


Are you confident you have the skills and discipline to follow our proven business model? Do you have a burning ambition to be your own boss and build a sustainable business you can be proud of? 
Then choose BizSmart and be part of a like-minded franchise network that meets growing market demand and transforms lives. 
You don’t need lots of employees, premises, or have to travel. It’s simply a hugely rewarding role leading local business owners on the journey to scale up their organisations.  
Contact us today to find out more and start your BizSmart journey. 



 OUR MARKET...Now more than ever, SMEs are looking for help in scaling their business on strong foundations. This is what our Flight Academy programmes deliver. 

There is enormous potential for BizSmart franchisees within our core SME market. There are currently 5.9million SMEs in the UK. Of these, approximately 1.3million fall into our target group: limited companies with between 2 and 50 employees. 
By cultivating deep personal client relationships – achieved with tailored monthly 45-minute 1-2-1s – there is a demonstrable opportunity to build a strong sixfigure recurring income. 
Our philosophy is based on an old African proverb… 

 “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”.    

About ScalingUp at BizSmart: 
At BizSmart, we believe in the power of experience and learning from our journey. 
Hear directly from Kevin as he shares the compelling story of how BizSmart came into existence and navigated the challenges encountered during its formative years. It's a tale of resilience, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. 
Over the last decade, BizSmart has not only weathered storms but emerged stronger, wiser, and more adept in the 'business of business.' Our team has diligently learned and mastered the intricacies of the corporate landscape, gaining invaluable insights that have shaped our success. 
"Here at BizSmart, we understand that the true essence of business lies in mastering its intricacies. Our decade-long journey has not only shaped our success but has also equipped us with the knowledge to guide others in their pursuit of excellence." 
- Kevin Brent, Founder of BizSmart 


Clare Vale, MD of Sign Solutions 

Since working with Kevin and joining the first cohort of SmartBoards®, Sign Solutions has experienced incredible growth, enabling us to double both turnover and headcount. Both BizSmart and the SmartBoards® concept have proved incredibly valuable to me and I genuinely believe that all business owners would find the additional direction and support extremely beneficial. 

David Lynes, MD of Unique IQ 

In joining SmartBoards® I quickly learnt the benefit of peer-to-peer learning and support, where the introduction of quarterly plans and targets have proved really important to us. As a result, 99% of our revenue is now recurring (formerly Ad Hoc) , we have employed 11 new people and are recognised as an industry leader within our sector. Without the coaching, advice and support from BizSmart®, we genuinely wouldn’t be where we are today. 

Join us for a Discovery Call! 

We are delighted to have WON the ‘UK Business of the Year‘ Award and ‘Business Leader of the Year‘ Award at the 2022 International Business Brilliance Awards, as well as being shortlisted for the ‘Services Industries Entrepreneur of the Year’ category in this year’s prestigious Great British Entrepreneur Awards! We are also thrilled to have been shortlisted for the ‘New Franchisor of the Year‘ Award at the Virtual Franchising Awards 2023. 
2022 marked a significant milestone for BizSmart®, having celebrated our 10th year in business, BizSmart® Gloucestershire celebrating its first year of business, and with the launch of our second franchise in Birmingham and Solihull. We are proud of what the BizSmart® team has achieved over the last couple of years, and feel being recognised by these awards bodies echoes the growing recognition that we are gaining across the franchise and business support industries. 
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